Stunning Quilt Creations From Around the Web – No.1

Today We Bring to You our First Presentation of Quilt from the Web.

First of is a Creation by Cath Hall at

Cath said that she made this piece for the 100 quilts for kids drive.  For her it was a fun and easy quilt to make , and she made it out of 3″ Squares.  She describes the background Fabric as a grey/blue hatch fabric my Timeless Treasures.

Here is her beautiful Creation :


Next up,  is from fall festival of quilts,  not much to say about this one,  Just check it out

Credit/Source:  Cenlafocus


This one is by Quilted with TLC  it is called the Lucky Stars quilts “a baby gift for a family member this quilt features batik starts in teals,  purples and greens


We have lots more to add to this list, we wil update the group once we add more

In the mean time …..  Here is our latest Fabric to Feed your Creative mind…

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